i've been a bad boy, don't you know?

"When I looked at Annalise, that’s a fantasy role of mine. That’s the kind of role I want people to see me in."
Viola Davis and how she sees Annalise.

I didn’t know who I was supposed to be at fifteen…


things i’m fucking stellar at:

  • procrastinating
  • having really bad posture
  • wishing i was rich
  • never hanging up my clothes

Title: No One's Here To Sleep (Feat. Bastille)

Artist: Naughty Boy ft Bastille

Played: 157140 times


zayn: hey

me: *is naked and oiled up, skin glistening in the midday sun*

"beautiful boy with the big brown eyes".


why doesnt zayn wear purple more often why doesnt he love me